Monday, February 22, 2010

This is who i am!!!

I dont want to post the same old LOSER story.I am just trying to reconsider my thoughts .I am trying to speculate,retrospect and introspect the various aspects of life,my existence to be more specific.The Multiple Personality Syndrome that most of us are inflicted with.

Sometimes Iam like a child..giggling at the most frivolous instances,sometimes i become a teenager..eager to experiment with things unexplored..sometimes i become a doting lady..pampering all who come in my proximity..n sometimes i don the role of an old woman bogged down by the surprises that spring up during the course of this sometimes sensuous and sometimes ascetic journey.

Am still trying to understand myself.Am still analysing my dreams and desires..if any ...
Am still grappling with the intricacies of still trying to figure out what gives me contentment and what perturbs me..

Sometimes i wonder whether i have grown up or am still an infant who seeks comfort in my mother's bosom...

I don't know whether i want to be a dedicated home-maker or i want to rock the corporate giants..

I don't know whether i want to be with someone who is an epitome of virtue and whose intellect is orgasmic or i want to be with some street urchin whose rustic charm and simplicity leaves my soul wanting for more..

I don't know whether i want to listen to Jagjit Singh's ghazals and cry bucketful of tears or i want to listen to hard core gut wrenching Black metal and seek revenge on all the M***********s.

I don't know whether i would relish dal-chawal eaten by hands or a Pizza with fork and knife.

So yeah you guessed it Miss Dilemma!!!

Won't bug you much!!!

To Be Contd.