Tuesday, December 8, 2009

7th dec 2009

am 25..have a decent adored by almost everyone i meet..but there seems to be no charm in life..i've not been able to figure out the reason that would make us feel connected to this world..i don't know...i seek refuge in my work to escape the ugliness of my personal life...but how long would it day or the other you have to confront the ugly truths...i wont say i have tried everything to re-connect..i tried the common resorts like to get into drugs..just to witness one moment of bliss or a spiritual union with happiness.

everyday..i wake up with a hope of survival..hope of a miracle ..hope of a messiah

i have questions and i know the answers..

Despair and remorse are all in the mind ..not in the world..but you know what this is a mere form of rhetoric and a by-product of intellect.

I don't know what to do...where to go..what i brain has all the answers but my heart doesn't..i hate myself for being so depressed and mellow..but now don't even i have the right to be what i am..oh god pls help!!!!