Friday, June 12, 2009

reality bites

As a child i had always been amitious, ready to take over the world by storm.Being a cancerian i would always be engrossed in day dreaming, dreaming about walking on the red carpet one day i had even prepared a gratitude expression speech!thought lucre would never be a concern for me and my prince charming would woo me with all the mesmerising charms!

Just step out of your teens and experiences splash water on your face to shake off your sleep and your beautiful dreams come to an end and you step on the threshold of adoloscence as someone aptly said "being an adoloscent means realising the limits of your potential".So you see there are such varied phases in life that sometimes one is intrigued by the complexities of life.I had always been a planner inspired by the saying "If you fail to plan you are planning to fail",planned everything right from my vocation to my honeymoon destination but the flow of life meanders through different channels and takes you where you had never imagined yourself to be after all now i know why the other name of life is UNCERTAINITY.

Well you must be thinking that already everybody is entwined by the tentacles of stress and here is some stupid woman who wants to take us down the memory lane and is consistently trying to make us recall our failures or what we could not achieve.At this juncture i would like to clarify that i just want to give you a sense of belonging.All those who feel that they are losers and haven't accomplished anything in life..hang on..take a reality check.i mean you are NOT the only one .We all go through our shares of failures,rejection,depression,frustration and a hundred other negative -tions.So when you try to ward off loneliness from your life by getting lost in the crowd with moist eyes peek- a- boo into thousand other lives and trust me you'll feel blessed ..yup i'll tell you thousand such stories.wanna listen to some?!


uzma said...

Interesting read!!
Wanna read some more...!

nirvana.aka.moksha said...

yessss..i want to listen to some more stories, if that can ward of loneliness..bring it on!!

uzma said...

Babes...waiting for MORE!!!